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Summer vacations are what we live for throughout the rest of the year, working hard at our jobs and chores and counting the moments until we are free once more! And as the clock ticks down ever so slowly towards those joyous days of freedom, we like to spend our waiting time working out the plans. What do we wear? What are we going to do? How hot will it be? Fortunately, your summer escape to Kapaa is guaranteed to be a cool one; our temperatures rarely rise above the mid-80s, and we at Princeville Vacation Rentals have compiled this list of cool treats to help you beat the summer heat should the temps rise much further!

Tropical Dreams Hawaiian Gourmet Ice Cream

Keeping cool is easy when you are holding a double scoop cone filled with chocolate macnut ice cream from Tropical Dreams in your hand! Located at 4-831 Kuhio Highway #220 and offering gelato and sorbets in addition to their super soft and fluffy ice cream, your Kapaa getaway will be even sweeter when you choose their shop to chill in!

No Place is Cooler Than the Beach

Let’s face it, you didn’t come all this way to hang out by a pool—not that you can’t do that too! It’s the beaches of Kauai that speak to our souls, inviting us to release our stresses and soak in the beauty of sandy shores framing turquoise waters. The beach is also the best place to stay cool on the hottest days of the year! Kapaa Beach Park is just one of your many choices on the island of Kauai, and because it has picnic tables and public bathrooms, its one of the more popular places to visit for your “toes in the sand” fix!

More Beach Fun

It has already been determined that the beach is where you want to be, so when it is time for a drink and a nosh, turn your flip flops in the direction of the Oasis—Oasis on the Beach, that is! Located at 820 Kuhio Highway and open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the food is locally sourced, the drinks are refreshing and fun, and the views would knock your socks off, if you were wearing any!

Cool Nights and Sweet Dreams

As the moon rises over the Kapaa landscape, you can rest easy knowing you are staying in one of Kauai’s finest vacation escapes! Our Princeville properties are designed with a beautiful blend of Hawaiian style, modern accents, and cool floor plans that allow travelers to experience the best of vacation living. Reserve your summer escape to Kapaa today!