A visit to Princeville comes with all of your favorite qualities of a Hawaiian vacation, like unparalleled beauty, great food, and most importantly relaxing. The enjoyment of a Hawaiian vacation is much more potent when you can work a little exercise into your vacation routine. Well, in Princeville Kauai, exercise and fun form an unlikely marriage, as there are plenty of awesome ways to get a little physical activity in during your stay. Here are some of the best ways you can stay fit during your Princeville vacation.


Princeville, along with most areas on the island of Kauai, is in very close proximity to some of the most breathtaking hikes you will find anywhere in the world. Taking advantage of some of these hikes as an absolute must-do activity. There are hikes of all different difficulties, from casual strolls through the forest to challenging jaunts up massive mountains. Kalalua Trail is one of the most famous trails throughout the world and it is only about 4 miles west of Princeville along the coast.

Running on the Beach

This is the best way to get a little exercise because there is no shortage of incredible beaches in Princeville. It provides for a great challenge, especially if you run through the loose sand. You can also move towards the surf for a flatter and more supportive surface. The best part of this type of exercise is the beach is only a few steps of way, so you are never far from the most refreshing cool-down you will find anywhere.

Body Surfing

This provides for some awesome fun while exercising the entire body. You can do this by wading out into the water around where the waves are breaking. As the wave is beginning to curl, start swimming with it and it will propel you forward as it breaks. Swimming provides exercise for you upper body, and positioning yourself in front of the wave works your lower body and core.

Yoga in Princeville Kauai

Yoga provides not only for an amazing workout, but a great opportunity for stretching the body and calming the mind. It is the perfect activity to perform during a vacation like this. There is a vibrant yoga community in Hawaii-and Princeville in particular. For an amazing workout, unlike any other, visit Yoga with Lulu in the heart of Princeville.


There are amazing opportunities for both road biking and mountain biking throughout the Princeville area. Kapaa Bike Path is a great and safe opportunity for road bikers, while the mountain bikers out there will find endless fun at places like Powerline Trail. The views are incredible, and the cool breeze is always a welcome addition to your journey.

In Princeville, vacation fun and a little exercise do not have to be separate. You are sure to find it to be one of the most fun places to exercise in the world, simply because you are constantly immersed in beautiful sights and weather. Book your vacation rental home with Princeville Vacation Rentals and start planning your trip today!