Kapaa Vacation

Plan a Kapaa Vacation for Thanksgiving

Even though it may seem as if it were only yesterday that you were welcoming the new year with champagne and noisemakers, the reality is we have entered the final months of 2019 and it’s time to start planning for the holidays. If your dreams for Thanksgiving involve more palm trees and less frosty nights, […]

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Coconut marketplace

Princeville Activities For Your Labor Day Weekend Vacation

It seemed as if we just closed our eyes for a second and the summer was gone. Life goes by so fast the older we get, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying every minute of every day that passes; it just makes us more determined to wrestle every bit of fun out of too […]

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Cool Treats to Beat the Summer Heat in Kapaa

Summer vacations are what we live for throughout the rest of the year, working hard at our jobs and chores and counting the moments until we are free once more! And as the clock ticks down ever so slowly towards those joyous days of freedom, we like to spend our waiting time working out the […]

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Trendy Shops and Restaurants to Visit in Kapaʻa

Trendsetters always seem to know not just what’s hot now, but what’s going to be fashionable in the foreseeable future, and while you may not have that innate knowledge yourself, you DO have an edge when it comes to what is hot in Kapa‘a. You have Princeville Vacation Rentals on your side, whispering in your […]

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Memorial Day in Hawaii and Princeville

Memorial Day Activities in Princeville

When you live in paradise, every month and every season is the perfect time of the year, but we have to admit that summer holds a special place in our life, and Memorial Day weekend has always been the jumping off point for the fun and fabulousness the season brings! Memorial Day is just a […]

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Kapaa Vacation

Your Complete Family Guide to a Kapaa Vacation

Family vacations can be the most magical experiences of your life, especially when you plan your getaway in the paradise of one of Kauai’s most beautiful cities, Kapaa. Offering quiet moments that you’ll never forget, exciting activities that will draw you closer, and mystical adventures you’ll never want to end, your Kapaa vacation can be […]

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Hawaii Mother's Day Vacation

Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day Getaway to Koloa

Everyone has that one person in their life that is always there for them, giving unwavering support and unconditional love, even when they are not acting very loving. For most of us that person is our mother. Our moms have put up with dirty diapers, temper tantrums, and unreasonable teenage emotions, only to have us […]

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La Spezia

Top 5 Spots for Koloa Pizza Locals Love

Living on an island, you can bet that we eat a fair amount of seafood. Fresh, plentiful, and healthy, our love for the bounty of the sea knows no end. With that being said, however, we must confess that every so often we crave a slice of that gooey wonderfulness that has nothing to do […]

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Kauai Events

March Kauai Events: Mardi Gras, St Patrick’s Day and Earth Hour in Koloa

Spring is one of the best times of the year to make your way to Kauai, Hawaii for an unforgettable vacation getaway. We suggest spending some time on the island during the month of March where you can catch a variety of Kauai events. Mardi Gras Kick off another exciting year celebrating Mardi Gras when you […]

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Kalihikai Park

The Most Beautiful Kauai Parks in Princeville

There is no shortage of beautiful places on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. But the community of Princeville is surely one of the most luxurious and conveniently located to take advantage of some of the best stuff happening on the island. It is an especially good place to make your home base on Kauai if […]

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The Best There's nothing more spectacular than the beauty of Hawaii and taking your kids along is even more amazing! Click here to learn about the kid-friendly brunch spots in Princeville!

Kid-Friendly Brunch Spots in Princeville

There’s nothing more spectacular than the beauty of Hawaii. If you are fortunate enough to get the chance to actually experience Princeville, taking your kids along is even more amazing. Really, how many kids can say that they’ve actually been to Hawaii? Very few. While enjoying the beauty of Princeville with your children, make sure […]

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Winter Events in Princeville You Shouldn’t Miss

The weather outside may still be wonderful where you live, with the crispness of fall wiping away the memories of summer heat, the smell of fireplaces and pumpkin spice wafting through the air, and the beginning of our favorite holidays starting to be recognized in the stores you visit every day. For the moment, your […]

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Happy Talk Lounge Restaurant & Bar

Best Princeville Restaurants for Burgers

Your Hawaii vacation promises to be everything you always dreamed it to be. Your Princeville Vacation Rentals luxury escape will be filled with warmth, love, and light, your beach days will be sunny and relaxing, and the burgers you eat will be better than any you have had on the mainland! Yes, we said burgers, […]

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Why Our Princeville Vacation Property Managers Are the Best

We all have goals—some big, some small—and it’s always nice to have someone on your side helping you reach the goals you set. Maybe you just want to make it to the end of the week without telling your boss how you really feel, or maybe you’re saving every penny to go back to college […]

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Amazing Princeville Adventures in 48 Hrs

Named after Prince Albert Edward Kauileaouli, Princeville is located on the wetter side of Kaua‘i, giving the area that rainforest look that is always breathtaking to see. If you’re planning on spending at least 48 hours of your stay here, we can promise they will all seem like paradise! What was once a genteel sugar […]

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Princeville Activities

Best Princeville Activities for Keeping Cool

The island of Kauai and its northernmost community of Princeville may not seem like places where you will need to find refuge from the heat, and for the most part that is true, as the area enjoys moderate temperatures rarely surpassing the 80s throughout the year. But specifically in the summertime you can count on […]

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Kauai Informaiton: Princeville is a popular spot for whalewatching

Princeville Kauai Information That You May Not Know!

Even if you have not been to Kauai, it is likely very familiar to you because of its countless appearances in Hollywood films. Incredible seaside cliffs and lush wilderness are the first features that come to anyone’s mind when they think of Kauai and one of its favorite communities: Princeville. Beyond the most obvious amazing […]

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Fireworks 4th of July on Kauai

Where to Watch 4th of July on Kauai: in Princeville!

As 4th of July approaches, it is time to celebrate the amazing freedoms we have in this country. We do this by getting together with friends and family, enjoying great food, and of course, taking in some awesome fireworks. Any 4th of July on Kauai celebration without a culminating fireworks show leaves a bit left […]

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Best Farmers’ Markets in Princeville

Princeville is the northernmost community on the northernmost Hawaiian Island, Kauai. It sits on some of the most fertile land in the world that results in some of the most incredible beauty in the world, but also in some of the most sustainable farming anywhere. As these islands are so remote, the residents pride themselves […]

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Best Princeville Kauai Attractions You Can’t Miss!

A trip to Hawaii comes with endless opportunity for fun and endless beautiful sights—more so than a trip anywhere else in the world. The community of Princeville in particular, located on the northern-most coast of Kauai, offers endless ways to spend a day as you only can in Hawaii. The following are some Princeville Kauai […]

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silhouette of a woman running on the beach

Stay Fit in Princeville Kauai with These Tips| Princeville Vacation Rentals

A visit to Princeville comes with all of your favorite qualities of a Hawaiian vacation, like unparalleled beauty, great food, and most importantly relaxing. The enjoyment of a Hawaiian vacation is much more potent when you can work a little exercise into your vacation routine. Well, in Princeville Kauai, exercise and fun form an unlikely […]

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Attractions in Kauai: Dog Friendly Activities in Princeville

Kaua‘i, the Garden Isle, is a paradise for puppies and pooches of all ages. From refreshing streams to explore to wild chickens to investigate to endless miles of sand and surf to frolic in, there’s no shortage of wonder and attractions in Kauai for dogs of all sizes and ages. Adopt a Dog Bringing your […]

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vacation rentals

Kauai Sites and Attractions: Views Near Princeville in Hawai‘i

Kaua‘i is an island of extremes. Rugged peaks, sharp valleys, thundering winter waves, and deep tropical forests shrouded in the mist from a thousand cascading waterfalls all instill a sense of awe in its visitors. Living in Princeville, we are often asked where the best views are. Our reply is simple: with so many Kauai […]

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in princeville

Kaua’i, Hawai’i Top Attractions: Family Friendly Activities in Princeville

The peaceful seclusion of Princeville and Hanalei, swaddled by the majestic peaks of the Na Pali Coast and draped in nature’s rugged beauty make it the perfect place for you and your family to spend some quality time together. With no shortage of kid-friendly activities and fabulous beaches where even your littlest ones can learn […]

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man surfing during sunset

Princeville Kauai Spring Music Festivals | Princeville Vacation Rentals

Spring is a magical time on the island of Kaua’i. The mountains and forests are lush and green from the winter rainy season, the island says goodbye to peak tourist season and returns to its relaxed pace, and the perfect days get just a little bit longer. We think spring is one of the best […]

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love and a heart drawn in the sand

Princeville, Kauai for Your Hawaii Valentine’s Day

Hawai’i has always been the ultimate honeymoon destination thanks to its beautiful jungles and sparkling beaches. But, if you didn’t manage to honeymoon here, then do the next best thing and book a rental here in Princeville for Valentine’s Day! A Walk in a Whole New Kind of Park There are over ten parks and […]

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beach front house with ocean view

Why Choose Princeville Vacation Property Management? | Princeville Vacation

Princeville is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Hawaii, and we understand that while you wish you could spend all of your time here, unfortunately it’s not always possible. So now you have this gorgeous property sitting empty for part of the year, what do you do with it? Why not make […]

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A pineapple floats by the shore

Enjoy Princeville Kauai in New Years Eve!

Stumped for what to do after New Year’s? We get it, you’ve done it all. You’ve had the quiet celebrations at home with family, you’ve gone to the raging parties with tons of people where most of them won’t even remember what happened the next morning, and a few of you couldn’t quite make it […]

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santa claus on a Hawaii beach

Christmas in Kauai Events

Any frequent vacationer to the island of Kauai, Hawaii knows that the province of Princeville is known for it’s upscale vacation rentals and condos and beautiful views. Many vacationers looking to escape the cold, winter months of the mainland United States, frequent Princeville yearly. The task of finding the perfect event for your family when […]

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Holidays in Kauai – Why You Should Visit Kauai for Your Vacation

Regardless of when you have visited Kauai, odds are you found it to be a beautiful time of year on this famous Hawaiian island. This is because there is truly no bad time to visit. You will always find stunning beauty, a vibrant community, and water that is ready for some swimming. However, the holiday […]

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kaseplatte with pineapple and cheeses

Plan an Unforgettable Kauai Thanksgiving

It can often be hard to alter the time-tested traditions that many of our families have for Thanksgiving, but a little variation every now and then can make for amazing memories on one of our favorite holidays. One variation that will stand out as one of the best decisions you have ever made is taking […]

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Bright pink flower in kauai hawaii

Top Tours in Princeville/Kauai

Around 90% of the island of Kauai is inaccessible by road. This provides endless opportunities for adventure in exploring the beauty here. You can get a long way by simply going out on your own and exploring it, but in order to fully enjoy the boundless beauty of Princeville and the island in general, you […]

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beach park

5 Fun Kauai Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Princeville is located on one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet. If you ask anyone, they will likely know that Kauai is probably one of the best places to vacation, given you are looking to relax. Princeville is one of the best kept secrets on the island, making it an amazing place […]

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Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to Visit Kauai

When you think about fall, chances are thoughts of cool, crisp nights, pumpkin spice drinks, and warm sweaters and corduroys will begin to fill your mind, and in most places in the United States, this would be a realistic scenario. But this is Hawaii, and nothing could be further from the truth. Hawaii is where […]

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5 Places for a Hawaii Proposal

There are few places as romantic as Hawaii, and Princeville is no exception. This area of Kauai is considered a little slice of heaven on the North Shore, with its pristine 9,000 acres. If you are considering popping the question to your beloved here on Kauai, here are some Hawaii proposal suggestions for the big […]

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Kauai Festivals Guide

A Hawaiian vacation, for many, is truly a dream come true! The islands of Hawaii are paradise for those who love the beach, and they are also home to a rich native culture that continues to thrive. Kauai is a hidden gem among the islands, featuring much of the beauty and culture of Hawaii without […]

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5 Relaxing Princeville Activities

While there are many hidden treasures on the islands of Hawaii, the town of Princeville, located on the island of Kauai, is one of the best kept secrets. Located on the northernmost point of the island, Princeville is a wonderfully secluded development that has become the favorite vacation destination for more and more people every […]

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5 Healthy Places to Eat in Kauai

Chances are you spent a lot of time getting “swimsuit-ready” in the spring. You ate well, you exercised more, and you considered the sacrifices well-worth it; when the season started, you rocked that swimwear like never before! And then came the parties…and the tasty foods…and the beer. Ice cold beer tastes so good on a […]

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5 Ways to Cool Off on Kauai

Take a break from the heat and the sun at any of these wonderful Kauai locations! Mountain Tubing Natural swimming holes, tubing, zip lining, higher elevation and cooler temperatures make mountain tubing a destination for visitors looking to beat the heat while still enjoying adventure. Not only that but you’ll see awe-inspiring sites that make […]

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5 Best Oceanfront Restaurants on Kauai

Aloha Princeville Vacation Rental Traveller-Ohana! Here are (in our eyes) the five best places to eat on Kauai if you want to be ON the ocean. 1.Pats Taqueria Taco’s ON, fabled Hanalei Bay. Two can eat and drink for under $20. Need I say more? This is a taco truck experience with a small seating […]

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Wai Koa Stone Falls Dam

Kauai Hiking Adventures: Stone Dam Waterfall Hike

We wanted to share with you, this super fun and a short walk (guess it could be a hike for some) that just about anyone will enjoy. This experience is suitable for any age. Leaving Princeville Shopping Center, heading back East towards Kilauea (just like you were going to the airport) on the right-hand side […]

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Princeville “Night” Farmers Market

Aloha from beautiful Princeville! So….. There are people who think that there’s no nightlife on the garden island of Kauai but this post will prove otherwise. Located in and around the Princeville shopping center, the second Sunday of every month there’s an event worthy of bringing you out of the Princeville rental condo or house […]

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Princeville Beaches: Sealodge, Anini and Hideaways

One of the things that people may not realize when looking at a google map of Princeville vacation rentals is that Princeville is 100 feet above the ocean. So your Princeville rental house with a pool may be in the heart of the north shore but ultimately might not have its own beach. The amazing […]

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Kauai Kailani 112. 3 Condos in one!

Aloha  Ohana! Thanks for visiting our page about the amazing Kauai Kailani 112! This is really three Kaua’i beachfront vacation rentals in one! Here is the link to book the 2br side which is the most traditional space: Walk through a nearly identical floorplan in full 3D: Here is the link to book the […]

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Guide to Kauai Cycling

Aloha! As an avid rider originally from the Western Washington area turned Princeville property manager, I feel it’s my duty to share some of the tips I’ve leaned here on Kauai. If you rent a Princeville Vacation rental from us here on the North shore and expect to get in a large block of miles […]

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princeville rentals with a pool kauai vacation rentals

Island Fever or “Rock Fever”… In Reverse.

Today on the very first day of 2017 I felt rock fever for the very first time. It took almost three years. But for me, a thirty something male who’s called Kauai home for the last three years, I’m experiencing it in reverse. I’m missing my Hawaiian home only 72 hours after I left. My […]

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kauai poke guide

Guide to Poke: Kauai Things to Do

Poke, is Hawaii’s unique and favorite pupus (appetizers). If you go to a Luau, you might see that fresh chopped ahi (tuna) fish in a bowl served with seaweed, kukui nut, and Hawaiian sea salt and sesame oil. If you had sashimi before, this is just a hint different and a fusion of what Hawaii […]

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Walking, Training and Jogging in Princeville

Princeville is a great place to go for a jog, bike ride or long walk. Here we will talk a little about jogging, running or places you can use when training for an event. First you should find the main path located next to Ka Haku road there are tons of miles you can rack […]

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Alii Kai Vacation Rental

Alii Kai, Princeville Vacation Rentals. Ocean View Condos with a Pool!

One of our favorite places to book for people is Alii Kai in Princeville. It’s affordable and the views are absolutely stunning. Check out this sunset video we shot just a couple weeks back! These vacation condos in kaua’i aren’t brand new (built in the 70’s) but they are getting updated and remodeled rapidly due […]

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