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Lumahai Beach

Lumahai Beach is one of the most romantic beaches where you can walk on white sand for miles. There are plenty of places to toss out a blanket and whisper sweet nothings to your honey with the feeling of your own private paradise. Here’s a map so you can find it!

It is just past Hanalei and Princeville towns and shops. The strong currents make it impossible to swim or surf, and it’s publicly been recommended by the signs to stay out of the waters. If you head over there, plan to just walk and explore the sands instead of the river or ocean. The best thing to do at Lumahai, is relax, take in the natural beauty, take some photos, and maybe even get married. Yes, many have flown to Kauai just to get married at Lumahai Beach. This beach was also featured in the movie South Pacific; no wonder it attracts so many romantic couples from all over the world!

Many tourists and residents love to stop their car, park, and walk down to the beach. It’s a great place for walking and picking up puka shells, used for making the famous puka shell necklaces that can be pretty pricey when sold outside of Hawaii. But if you pick it up, and make one, it was not only free, but now it will be a great gift to give someone! And if you find the quality heavy puka shells, it might be worth a hundred bucks or more. The puka shell necklace has been worn by some famous singers like the late Elvis Presley. He wore it in 1961 when he acted in his first Hawaii film called Blue Hawaii. So get your mason jar ready, and focus on the shells with the puka in the middle. Puka literally means “hole.” If you want a hole in one romantic experience with your spouse, stop by Lumahai Beach.

Rumor has it the east end of Lumahai has some amazing cliff jumping spots, but you’ll have to look for them and jump at your own risk.