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Hawaii Alliance of Vacation Rental Managers

Why is HAVRM and NAVRM such an important part of who we are as managers?

As a professional manager in Hawaii and an avid traveller myself, I wanted to be involved with an alliance of.. The Best! Now, we head the HAVRM Hui (Hui is a group or team in Hawaiian) here with over 3,000 properties guests can choose from across all of the Hawaiian islands through ilovehawaii.com. On a larger scale we are connected with NAVRM, the national alliance to learn more about how we can see what the top managers in the nation are doing to best serve their customers.

WHY: It’s one thing to take a road trip down to the next town and stay in a motel with your Ohana on the mainland, hit the beach, hike the local trails and get out of the house for a weekend. It’s quite another endeavor to take your family to Hawaii. You have so much riding on that “bucket list” Hawaiian vacation, it’s all got to go off just perfectly. I’ve had several bad experiences with owner-managers who list a property and claim to have a certain level of amenities/service but when I get there it’s just not up to snuff or nearly what I expected. We don’t do business like that and we knew that there were other managers out there that didn’t either. So it was a natural decision to find those gold standard managers and become allies.

Now we have an amazing group of the best of the best in Hawaii! t’s a brain trust of caring managers who are on the top of their game. We are so much stronger as a group. We can do better for guests who make the trip to the Hawaiian islands, provide superb results for our owners via unbeatable experiences and thus create more Aloha overall. I’m humbled to say, it’s working.

HOW do you benefit? Booking or listing with us ensures you get connected with one of Hawaii’s finest Vacation Rental Managers. This way as a guest you have the best experience imaginable ahead of you and as an owner your property will be in the best hands. We ARE HAVRM (Hawaii Alliance of Vacation Rental Managers), just spread out across all the hot spots in Hawaii. We know it’s so important to ensure you a Gold standard of service, accountability, hassle free instant booking, island-centric staff and full service concierge. So we aim to please in every way.

Now you can stay with a HAVRM manager and join over 100,000 happy customers! We are thrilled to say that we have found the sweet spot of  professional service + Aloha spirit ;).

If you are a guest or a manager in Hawaii and want more info, have more questions about HAVRM please reach out. Nothing is better than sharing our passion and making sure your vacation is the most memorable experience possible.