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Private Mind, Body and Soul Experiences.

Welcome to Princeville! We want to make sure your vacation is everything you can dream of—a transformative experience that refines your mind, body, and soul. To that end, we’ve networked with the North Shore’s finest to provide such experiences. If you’d like to do any of these on your vacation, simply call our concierge Kelli at 808-639-999 and tell her what you’d like to experience.

Beach Yoga

Yoga is already about calming oneself—it improves your body not just by training your flexibility, but also training your focus. Because of this, there’s nothing like yoga on the beach. The sand sinks beneath your feet as you lean into a stretch, and the waves lull you into a deep state of focus.


An exercise discipline that blends a workout with flexibility training, Pilates is excellent for developing a feeling of control. By focusing on the core muscles, it helps build stability and coordination. As you gain greater control over your body, your mindset improves and you feel in greater control over your life.

Mindfulness Training

When we begin to run on autopilot, we start to ignore the sources of many of our problems, and even become blind to the blessings around us. Mindfulness training focuses on improving one’s perception of their world and their life. Following these trainings helps us reprogram our thinking to improve our life.

Personal Training

Almost nothing is one-size-fits-all, and that includes workouts. If you’re interested in pushing your body to new heights, consider finding a personal trainer on the island. Personal trainers are great because they can take your individual needs into account when designing exercises for you, and help keep you accountable for your progress.


Rolfing is similar to massages, but with a focus on improving form and the body’s structure. The procedures are designed to improve balance and motion.


Meditation is perfect for a vacation—far removed from our typical schedules and obligations, we have the chance to truly clear our heads of clutter and focus on simply being. Through meditation we destress, improving our mind, body, and soul together. Guided meditation sessions can show us how to clear our minds in new ways, providing opportunities for deeper mindfulness.

Spa Treatments

Spas are one of the surest ways to feel rejuvenated. The calming environment takes away from mental stresses while massages and other techniques expel the physical ones. To feel healthier both physically and mentally, a spa treatment may be in order.


One of the most strenuous tasks we can put on our body is testing it against weights—done properly to avoid injury, this improves our bodies’ capabilities in many ways, from better balance to easier lifting. Plus, there’s nothing like the exhaustion after a hard workout to reset the body.

The Best Experiences Possible

Whatever experience you can imagine, we can make happen. So call us at 1-808-855-5699 to see what we can do for you!