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All About Princeville Kauai

On the road to Princeville, you might assume you’ve stepped back in time or gotten lost in a scene from a movie. The narrow, winding road—the only highway—crosses swollen streams, passes rocky coves, and ushers you past sandy beaches until it reaches the turn-off to Princeville, just above the one-lane bridge to Hanalei. Learn about Princeville Kauai below:

“Place of Joy”

The ocean bluff where modern Princeville resides was known as Halele`a. Ancient Hawaiians regarded this coastline, rising above tranquil Hanalei Bay and nestled against Kilauea Point, as not only a “place of joy,” but one of the most beautiful places in the entire archipelago. It is a place of striking natural beauty and luscious greenery. Perilously tall peaks preside over the rugged coastline below, and perpetual waterfalls cut razor sharp ridges in the stone. Today, Princeville—which we call home—is one of Hawai`i’s finest resort areas.

The Old Garden Isle

Kaua`i is the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. Time has bestowed upon her a bounty in the form of deeply carved canyons and valleys, rich tropical forests, and perfectly formed coral reefs. Natural sand beaches abound—if you know where to look. Native Hawaiians have lived here on the north shore for centuries, working the land and the sea. Even today, the ruins of a kuapa (ocean-walled fishpond) called Kamo`omaika`I can be seen below the St. Regis Hotel.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the land here was used to farm first coffee, then tobacco, and finally sugar. In 1860, while the landowner Robert Crichton Wyllie was entertaining the Hawaiian royal family, he dubbed the estate “Princeville,” after Crown Prince Albert.

Princeville Today

Toward the end of the 20th century, Princeville became one of the premier resort areas in the world. It is now home to world class hotels, condos, timeshares, restaurants, and golf courses, all of which are easily accessible from Princeville Vacation Rentals. From the Hanalei lookout, just across the highway from Princeville, you can still glimpse the past as the river meanders through flooded taro fields with the ever-present mountains standing guard.

No Beaches? We’re Bluffing

Situated on a shelf 200 feet above Hanalei Bay and the surrounding Pacific Ocean, new guests might think Princeville lacks the tropical beaches they have been dreaming of. You’d be dead wrong! Several great beaches are just a short hike down to sea level, though rapidly changing ocean conditions—especially the majestic and dangerous winter waves—mean you should always be cautious when walking on the rocks or taking a swim.

Princeville Kauai Restaurants 

Princeville is a small, quaint community of like-minded people who enjoy the peace and quiet and being one with nature. Indeed, nature, in all its power and beauty, is all around. We also love guests! We encourage you to enjoy Princeville Kauai in your own way, whether golfing on Hawai`i’s finest course (The Prince), watching migrating humpback whales from Kilauea Point, or braving the Kalalau Trail along the breathtaking Nā Pali Coast. Contact us today!