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Princeville History

Princeville, also known as the “City of the Prince” after Prince Albert, son of King Kamehameha IV, paid a visit in 1860, was originally christened by the owner, Robert Crichton Wylie. Mr. Wyllie has a beach named after him at the end of Wyllie Road in Princeville on the far west end of Anini Beach. This little slice of paradise on the North Shore is about 9,000 acres, encompassing nearly two square miles. This picture below is of modern day Princeville. It shows the Princeville Shopping Center, Library, and Community Center.

princeville vacation rentals with pool

Since ancient Hawaiian times, Princeville has been a favorite spot for royal families to relax. Kings and queens often traveled to Kauai to get away from their normal royal duties and enjoy the unsurpassed views from the bluff.

Queens Bath in Princeville is the royal bath house for the kings and queens of Hawaii. One thing most tourists don’t know is that Kauai has never been conquered; it has lived in harmony with the Hawaiian monarchy. Kamehameha was able to conquer all of the other major islands, but not Kauai. His army of warriors came over in their canoes, but grew tired as they crossed the Ka Ei Ei Waho Channel and decided not to fight upon arrival.

The luscious land and beautiful views overlooking Bali Hai, or Napali Coast, are some of Princeville’s charms. There are several beaches surrounding Princeville, including Sealodge, Hideaways, Blackpot, and Anini. Try to find them all and earn the Princeville Explorer gold star!

To this day, Princeville has a royal feel. It’s quiet and secluded, home to a prestigious golf course and many vacation rentals. Makai Club is a great place to get a round of golf in or just buy a souvenirs and have coffee. Makai also has amazing tennis courts and lessons available. Princeville is also the home to a few upscale hotels like the St. Regis and the Hanalei Bay Resort, where shopping and dining is a must while you are here in town.

The ocean views are breathtaking, and if you find a hidden trail, it may lead you to a valley, beachfront, or a cliff where you can watch whales, dolphins and Honu (turtles) swim in delight. If you find a dirt path near the bluff in Princeville, be very careful not to slip and fall.

The beautiful Princeville was once an operating sugarcane farm that also competed with taro and other native Hawaiian produce. Now, however, it is home to many residents who enjoy the most lush side of Kauai. Nearby Wai Koa Trail is a great place to go to see what a Hawaiian food forest looks like. Walk the five mile loop to see all sorts of agriculture happening.

Make sure to check out the PrincevilleVacationRentals.com BLOG for more history about this place we love so much. We are committed to teaching our guests and friends more about the aina (land) and about Hawaiian culture / heritage.