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Secret Beach – Kauapea Beach

Secret Beach is no secret. It an open getaway beach that will leave nothing to the imagination. Those that love to tan without bikini lines often come here to expose themselves to the sun. If you are shy, come at your own risk. Its Hawaiian name is Kauapea Beach. To get to this massive secluded beach, you will have to walk an unmarked trail from the roadside.

To find Secret Beach, drive on HI-56 N, and then turn right onto Kalihiwai Rd. Next turn right onto Secret Beach Rd. It will be on your left side. Here’s a map. It’s also called Kauapea beach.

This massive beach will have you walking until you find a spot to your liking. There are many things to do other than sun bathing. You can look for seashells or walk further down until you reach the tide pool and waterfall. This area is great if you are a confident and adventurous traveler who is looking for a place to be free.

However, if you are a private person, maybe staying close to the trail is best for you. Unless you are a free spirit that loves to socialize and you are not scared to see unmentionables, then go exploring further down the beach at your own pace.