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Baby Gear

Baby on Board to Kauai?

A trip to Kauai from the mainland can be tricky if you have a baby on board. Here are some ways you get can prepare. Don’t worry if you forget something, there are places you can go to rent your baby’s needs.


Kauai Baby Gear Rentals

(888) 856-8905


Kauai Baby Rentals 

(808) 651-9269

Don’t stress! You can call on one of these great companies that are local here on Kauai to get the gear you need! Both of these companies should have everything for rent at a reasonable price and it’s all cleaned after every single use of course.

Here are some of our local tips if you are bringing baby here to Kauai. First make sure to bring baby’s birth certificate and the essentials. A baby car seat and stroller is the first thing to pack. If you are breast feeding, do not forget your cover garment. If you have formula, make sure to bring it in its original container. It can be mistaken for some illegal stuff. Mix your formula and water before you get onto the plane or they will ask you to dispose of it, as liquids are not allowed. But baby formulas are the exception to this rule.

Clothes during the summer should be light and airy as it gets humid and you might want to hit the beach with the little one. During the winter, pack warm clothes, socks and baby blankets. Don’t forget a cover for your stroller, as it does rain a lot on Kauai during the winter season and during the summer season Kauai does have mosquito’s.

Once you reach Kauai, and the beauty distracts you as you try to get your bags into your rental car. You then noticed you forgot a stroller and do not want to buy another $100 set.

baby rentals gear stroller crib pack and play

Now you can relax and enjoy your trip to Kauai, as you should. Kauai is not only for the romantic couples, but great for families too. Your keiki (child) will enjoy the many adventures suitable for kids!! So smile, it’s gonna be FUN!