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Hanalei Bay / Pier – Black Pot Beach

When you are staying on the North Shore of Kauai, Hanalei has to be on your list of destinations.

Black Pot Beach, better known as Hanalei Pier, is a beach straight out of the movies. In fact, it has starred in more than a handful of Hollywood movies, like Beach Head and South Pacific. In 2011, it was filmed in a movie called Soul Surfer. Soul Surfer was about a handicapped surfer named Bethany Hamilton. Why would Hollywood want to showcase this beach as part of her story? Well, it’s no secret; it’s one of Bethany’s hometown beach spots, as she grew up going here with her family. That’s right—she is a local Kauai girl who lost her left arm during a vicious shark attack when she was surfing one day.

From your Princeville Vacation Rental to Hanalei Pier, or Black Pot Beach, you will head to Hanalei town on HI-56 N. Go over the one lane bridge and bear right (remember this spot because if you want to go to Hihimanu hike make a left) until you reach Aku Road in Hanalei.

This would be a great time to get beach supplies / food or grab a bite to eat. There is little or no food at the beach, so stock up here in Hanalei town. Read our Shopping / Dining Guide for good places to stop.

Turn right on Aku Road, go all the way down until you reach Weke Road. Turn right on Weke Road and go all the way until you reach the dead end. You will pass the old historic Mabel Wilcox Hanalei Beach house on your right, and a beach spot on your left called “Trees,” for Hanalei residents/surfers to catch a few waves which is just a five minute walking distance from their homes.

Here’s a map to help you find your way to this magical place.

The late Andy Irons, world champion surfer, lived on Weke Road near Hanalei Pier. When you pass his home, you can still sense a home of surfers, because of all of the surfboards around the hale (house).

Hanalei Pier is also that weekend getaway beach, where families and friends park their truck or car on the sandy road, and jam some Hawaiian music while cooking some steak or drinking a cold beer. A great place for active swimmers, some snorkeling and kayaking. Hanalei Bay is also pound for pound the best place on island for a jog in the soft sand. Here’s a video to give you a perspective on what any given morning down in Hanalei looks like. Might even persuade you to look into renting one of our beachside homes in this area so you can walk right out on to the sand.

Even though the average Hanalei home down here rents for a thousand per night (or much much more), for some it’s a trip of a lifetime and the budget is large enough to rent one of these luxury beach homes on Weke. If that is you and you’d like our concierge to guide you through the booking process you can pick up the phone and call Kelli 808-639-9999 and she will put together the experience of a lifetime without you having to provide more than a credit card.

The Pier was built in 1892 and was originally made out of wood. After Hurricane Iniki, in 1992, the Pier faced some major damages. It was restored in 2012 by the local Rotary club. If you love adventure, you can jump off the pier and swim with the sting rays.

OK! Now that you’ve been to Hanalei Bay, your homework is to check out at least three more North Shore beaches ;). Here’s the complete guide to North Shore beaches on Kauai!

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