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Makua Beach – Tunnels

Makua Beach, better known as “Tunnels,” is by far the most secluded and beautiful beach Kauai has to offer. It is right off of HI-560 West on the north side of Kauai, before you reach Ke’e Beach. There is parking, but most of the locals and visitors park by Haena Park and walk down to Tunnels. When you think of a romantic getaway, or want to take your dog for a walk on a beach that is less crowded, you think of Tunnels. It is one of those beaches you want to keep secret, so no one else discovers its majestic spell on your wellness. This is the one place on Kauai you can escape from the everyday grind and just be one with scenery.

Tunnels is breathtaking. With Makana there presiding over the NaPali Coast, it’s pretty darn hard to leave. You might find yourself taking selfies all day or group photos with your friends. BBQ, adult beverages, Facebooking to jealous friends, tanning, and photography are our favorite things to do here in Haena. There are amazing vacation rental homes to rent down here, so if you are looking for a place to stay, reach out and we can help book you a hale!

The local divers come here to spear Popio (Blue Line Snappers) or coral reef eels. If you are not an experienced diver, call Kelli, our concierge, at 808-639-9999 to book a time to go diving. The reef is packed with Hawaii’s famous coral reef fish and will leave you with an adventure you can talk about when you head back home. Make sure to bring a waterproof camera so you can capture the school of fish as they may surround you as you dive. Night diving is also available here.

Tunnels Reef is a beach for everyone. The reef protects the beach from strong waves and currents, so swimming and snorkeling, small surfing or boogie boarding during the summer are manageable. During the winter, because of big swells and low tide reef, it isn’t safe to surf; even if you are an experienced surfer, you might end up getting hurt in the coral reef. So just chill and flex your photography skills.