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NaPali Coast

NaPali Coast is without a doubt the highlight of Kauai’s epic outdoor adventures. You can hike, kayak, or take a zodiac boat to the northern side of the island. Head over by Polihale Beach on the west side or start your adventure at the northern Ke’e Beach off of the end of HI-560 W road.

There are two routes to get there by boat. You can book a tour on a zodiac boat on the west side of Kauai, at Port Allen Harbor in Eleele of Kauai, or you can start from Hanalei Pier and go sightseeing pass the beautiful Kalalau Beach.

The dolphins, sharks, humpback whales, and turtles will greet you along the way. If they allow you to snorkel, take that opportunity as the boat travels towards NaPali; you can explore below the sea by holding onto a rope attached to their boat. Always listen to the tour guides and swim with caution. Besides the natural waterfalls off the cliffs, there are huge sea caves above the ocean that will invite your curiosity in.

When they park the boat inside of the sea cave, get your waterproof camera ready. You might want to jump into the clear blue waters and take some underwater shots for your cool Facebook cover page. In the caption, you could have a hashtag that says: “Mannequin challenge, top this.” Or if you love jumping off of cliffs, you can swim to the side of the cave and jump away. The swimming space inside of the sea cave is spacious and could fit at least 3-4 zodiac boats. Ask your tour guide about swimming with the dolphins!

For those that plan to travel from Ke’e Beach, you might want to get a camping permit from the Kauai County building in Lihue, and rest up before hiking or kayaking towards NaPali. It is exhausting traveling for a couple of days, but so worth the journey.

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