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Kahili Beach – Rock Quarry

Kahili Beach, better known as Rock Quarry Beach, is a remote beach great for swimming and fishing. You will see the Kilauea River nearby. Locals come to Rock Quarry to spend a day playing in the water or sun bathing on the sandy areas.

To get to Rock Quarry Beach, take HI-56 N to Wailapa Rd in Kalihiwai. Stay on Wailapa Road until you reach the beachfront on your left side. Here’s a map.

You may explore the rocky wall area, but be careful. It is best to take your time and go with someone. Wear tubbies (reef shoes) so you don’t slip while walking on the rocks or reef. Bring a fishing pole, camera, and your snorkeling gear, because this beach has a lot of coral fish. The bay is filled with many different types of fish.

Do not go into the water during the winter time, or after it rains. If the water’s color is murky or looks muddy, it means the river that the ocean is connected to is overflowing with debris from the mountain after a storm. The murky water often attracts all types of sharks in the ocean. They love to hide out and eat the fish that can’t see them, and they might mistake you for a fish.

If you are ready for some fun and a clear getaway from the shopping and luaus, Rock Quarry Beach is a nice way to relax.