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Anahola Beach

Anahola Beach is a favorite for Hawaiians and Kauai residents to relax and enjoy the ocean. In Anahola, most native Hawaiians walk from their home to this laid back beach park. You often see families throwing a football around the park, and tents up near the ocean for birthday parties. There is even a canoe club here near the west side of the bay called Hokualele Canoe Club. Here they are cruising down the Anahola River underneath the Kalalea mountain range during a practice.

Anahola beach park canoe club hokualele

Paddling an outrigger here on Kauai is the best cultural experience you can have! Try connecting with one of the local canoe clubs and ask if you can join in a recreational paddle.

Directions to Anahola Beach

From Princeville to Anahola, drive south (toward the airport) on HI-56 N until you get to Anahola town. There you will make a left on Anahola Road. Stay on Anahola Road until you reach Poha Road. Make a left on Poha Road and it will lead you to the Anahola Beach Park. After you reach the park, you will see often see pop up tents or cars parked near the waters. Here’s a map if the text directions didn’t work for you ;).

Tip: Since this beach is around the native Hawaiians resident homes, make sure to take with you what you bring. It is everyone’s Kuleana (responsibility) to pick up their own trash and keep the beach and park clean. When you see the locals, the best way to earn their respect is with a smile and a shaka. They are people of Aloha.

The water is perfect during the summer season, but is also great during the winter season for body boarding and snorkeling. The coral reef is close to shore but is not a problem when it comes to swimming.

It is one of those beaches you can picnic at and take a dip into the cool water when the sun gets too hot to handle. You will find plenty of shade. Take your kids or love one there just to relax. Sometimes driving around the island can be tiresome, so be like the locals and take a pit stop at Anahola Beach.

More on Hokualele Canoe Club here in Anahola: If you have a kid with you who’s a paddler, call us and we will ask Uncle Leggs, the director of the club, to see if they can join up for a practice while on island. There’s nothing more local than going out to experience the Wa’a (ocean canoe) here on Kauai. When driving down Aliomanu road (seen on this map) keep your eyes peeled on the right for the outriggers parked near the mouth of the river.