When you live in paradise, every month and every season is the perfect time of the year, but we have to admit that summer holds a special place in our life, and Memorial Day weekend has always been the jumping off point for the fun and fabulousness the season brings! Memorial Day is just a few short weeks away and the time to plan your unforgettable Princeville getaway is right now. This guide to everything Memorial Day in Hawaii will ensure every moment will be filled to the brim with excitement, adventure, and all-American fun!

Every Holiday Begins with the Beach

In other parts of the world, Memorial Day can be a day of uncertain weather events, but on the island of Kauai it’s another day in paradise, best celebrated with a swimsuit, sand, and the cool blue waters of the sea! Grab all your beach supplies and hike to your favorite spot; today’s all about fun and relaxation! Boogie board along the sand, dive under the waves, or stake your claim on the blanket and chill with that book you’ve been dying to read. It doesn’t matter how you play—all that matters is that you do!

Surrounded by Beauty This Memorial Day in Hawaii

It’s hard to go anywhere in Princeville or on Kauai without stopping in stunned delight at the sight of the beauty that surrounds you, and nowhere is that clearer than at the Hanalei Valley Lookout. Found along the Kuhio Highway, park your car and head to where the ocean breezes kiss your cheeks, the green of the verdant landscape practically hurts your eyes, and the sounds of nature appear more harmonic than the music of your favorite singer. It’s official: You’ve found your spot in paradise!

Barbecues, Pool Parties, and Tropical Drinks

The best parts of this holiday in paradise will be in the simple moments: the taste of fresh fish grilled on the barbecue, the feel of cool water against your skin as the sun warms your face from above, and the sweet goodness of Mai Tais and mojitos warming your soul. The smile on your spouses face, the giggle of your children as they splash in the pool—all of this and so much more can be yours when you reserve your Princeville Vacation Rentals holiday escape today!