Even if you have not been to Kauai, it is likely very familiar to you because of its countless appearances in Hollywood films. Incredible seaside cliffs and lush wilderness are the first features that come to anyone’s mind when they think of Kauai and one of its favorite communities: Princeville. Beyond the most obvious amazing things happening around Princeville, there are also some well-kept secrets that make it an awesome place to vacation. The following are five pieces of Kauai information you may not know about the amazing community of Princeville.

It is the Northernmost Point of the Hawaiian Islands

This may seem like a random piece of trivia, but Princeville’s position on this beautiful island actually brings some benefits with it. The most significant of these is the fact that you can see the sun rise over the Pacific and you can see the sun set over the Pacific. There are only a few places in the world where this is possible.

The Island Has the Most Beach Per Coastline of Any Island in the World

Many islands have miles of beautiful coastline, but no beaches for truly enjoying it. That is no problem in the Princeville area, as it has an incredible number of beaches for the amount of coastline that it provides. This allows visitors to find secluded stretches of beach that feel as if they are there just for them.

It is One of the Best Places for Whale Watching

Specifically, during the winter months, this is one of the best places in the world for viewing the migration of humpback whales. You can see these beautiful creatures from the beach or splurge and go on one of the many whale watching excursions provided by various companies in the area.

Mt. Waialeale is Dubbed “The Wettest Spot in the World”

Okay in reality, this is technically the third wettest spot in the world behind a couple places in India. This may sound like a negative thing when you are planning a vacation, but the results are nothing short of spectacular. This allows you to enjoy some of the lushest wilderness in the world, allowing for amazing sights and explorations. And while the mountainside receives an incredible amount of rain, you can count on relatively consistent weather down in Princeville.

The Area Features More Hiking Than Any Other on the Islands

A secret bit of Kauai information for you: when it comes to a Hawaiian vacation, hiking is a must. One of the reasons that Princeville is the best community to visit is that Kauai features more hiking opportunities than any other island. In Princeville, you are in the perfect location for taking advantage of so many of the best trails on the island, like those on the Na Pali Coast just a few miles to the west of Princeville.

Here is Some Kauai Information: Princeville is Home to the Best Vacation Rentals on the Island

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