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Hanakapi’ai Falls

Hanakapi’ai falls is about 300 feet high and worth the 2-4 miles in. Although it may seem like 4-8 miles roundtrip is a lot to hike, it really goes by quickly with a great group of adventurous friends and staying hydrated at all times. This waterfall is one of the most raved waterfalls to hike to. Take in the breath taking view of the Napali coast and have fun while hiking. Most locals like to video tape the journey to remember their fun times. The Hanakapi’ai falls is the payout at the end and so worth the hike.

To get to Hanakapiai Trail, drive to the end of Haena on HI-560 until you reach Ke’e Beach. There is parking available at the end of the road. The best time to take the hike is during the summer when the streams are not rising high.
The trail will have you crossing streams, and holding on to branches as you climb over hills, but there are some unique spots like the bamboo area, that will lead you to getting your camera out. It tall bamboo trees, will have you feeling like a ninja in Asia. It is so fun to venture off into the luscious mountain areas. If you look closely, you will read the many love notes left by prior hikers. At the end of the hike, you will feel your fitness being tested but also rewarded. Spiritually it will keep you grounded and the trail signs will keep you on track.