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Powerline Trail

If you are reading this post you are likely a friend of the outdoors and not sitting in your vacation rental all day reading a book. Sweet! That’s the kind of folk we are here too at Princeville Vacation Rentals. The whole team here is pretty adventurous and loves to “embrace the filth” as we call it here on Kauai. What does THAT mean you may be asking? If you hike the Powerline trail up at the end of Kapaka Road in Princeville, you’ll find out. It’s mucky and muddy and tons of fun!

Using your smartphone or iphone check out Kapaka Road on the GPS, then drive Mauka (toward the mountains) until the road dead ends. You’ll see a water tank, pull around the right side of that or park just before it. There’s usually not too many people around here so parking isn’t much of an issue.

Powerline trail in Kauai is about 14 miles long and ends up in Wailua via an old trail that used to be driven all the time to maintain the (you guessed it)… POWER LINES! Hence the name. Now they maintain this group of poles via helicopter so it’s not as well maintained as it used to be but it’s still passable. We walk to the other end at least once a year, spend the night with friends in Wailua and then walk or jog back the next day. It’s not all that steep in most parts but it’s pretty wet most of the time and that means your shoes won’t be dry for long. Feel free to take yourself out for 1 or 2 or 3 hours and then just turn around and come back. It’s a perfect spot for out and back hiking on the north shore without too much elevation change. You’ll get tons of mountain and waterfall views looking North toward Hihimanu and Namolokama. If you get far enough toward the Wailua side you’ll see the red dirt emerge and experience what we call “red hill”. It’s a favorite spot for Mountain Bikers to come and test their technical skills both riding up and downhill.

From the Princeville side you can also get brave and use the smaller trails that spur off of the main powerline trail for mtn biking single track or trail running. Thanks to Bike Doktor in Hanalei (great place to rent bikes) there are some great riding and running trails out there. The local cycling Ohana has done an excellent job of making trails and keeping the existing trails groomed.

Regardless of what your poison is on the trail, getting up here for a few hours is a great way to spend time on Kauai. Not too steep like most trails and very few people. If you need more help as always call us at 808-639-9999 and we will get you more ideas about cool things to do while staying with us at PrincevilleVacationRentals.com.