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Tasting Kauai

There is almost nothing that encompasses the spirit of aloha more than the enjoyment of the Hawaiian Islands’ native culture and cuisine. Every single island proudly displays the bounty which the fertile ground provides, from farmers’ markets to upscale restaurants, Hawaii is fiercely proud of its food culture. At Tasting Kauai, visitors will get at true understanding of Kauai’s food habits through eating everywhere on the island, from hidden mom-and-pop shops to elegant bistros, every day, every season is an adventure. Moreover, the knowledgeable guides always highlight the best of the Kauai’s cuisine with a fun, educational excursion, from Waimea to Wailua. Be sure to book a Kauai food tour on your visit to the island.

What to Eat

When on vacation, travelers are constantly in search of a place to eat. Whether it’s in the form of a well-known fast-food joint or the most elegant restaurant, we all have to eat something. Many choose fast food or a chain restaurant due to cost and convenience, but why sacrifice a culinary experience when you don’t have to? Kauai has many popular American fast-food restaurants scattered around the island, and even if McDonald’s serves Spam for breakfast, Tasting Kauai will show you a better place to try this popular canned meat in Hawaii. Additionally, when speaking about Hawaiian cuisine, people often think about the loco moco, Spam Musubi, Saimin, poke and of course, poi. There are many versions of these quintessential Hawaiian dishes, however Tasting Kauai will provide a trip that samples exemplary versions, not run-of-the-mill tourist traps.

The Tasting Kauai Tours

Tasting Kauai offers five tours weekly which cover Kauai’s South Shore on Wednesday, North Shore on Tuesday and East Side on Friday and Saturday. Every tour lasts four hours and accommodates a total of approximately fourteen guests in order for everyone to become acquainted with farmers, restauranteurs and chefs. Additionally, depending on the time you visit Kauai, each tour is unique, since many of the highlighted ingredients are the best of what’s in season at that specific time.

The East Side Tour takes hungry guests along the Royal Coconut Coast with stops at six different restaurants, while the South Shore Tour showcases out-of-the-way establishments as well as meet-and-greet sessions with farmers and food artisans. The North Shore Tour provides guests with a visit to a local farm in addition to more culinary adventures with locals. Tasting Kauai also has several other types of themed-tours such as a Happy Hour Tour, the Hanapepe Walking Tour and the educational Lihue Farm Food Tour. Ultimately, visitors will be delighted with Tasting Kauai, because after all, eating well on vacation is part of the adventure!

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