Nani Moon Meadery

Nani Moon Meadery

Located on the island paradise of Kauai, Nani Moon Meadery is the only local producer of the ancient drink known as mead in Hawaii. This alcoholic beverage with a potency between 5% and 20% ABV (alcohol by volume) has been made by humans for millennia. In fact, it is considered to be one of humankind’s first intoxicating concoctions. The drink is traditionally made by fermenting honey, water, herbs and spices; however, at Nani Moon, the styles of mead inside each one of their bottles thoroughly reflect Hawaii’s environment as well as its native flora and fauna.

Mead Madness

Also known as honey-wine, mead can present several flavor profiles depending on the type of honey used. Throughout its history, various styles of preparation have developed along with their own name and history. For instance, Acerglyn is made with maple syrup, Braggot is prepared with malted grain and a Cyser type of mead uses apples. Hypocras is one of the most common types of mead known for its blend of herbs and spices while the one called Pyment uses grapes that make it resemble a traditional type of wine.

Cool Concoctions

At Nani Moon Meadery, the highlighted style is definitely Melomel, which primarily includes the admixture of fruit. Inside the tasting room, visitors can taste as well as buy six different types of mead. Laka’s Nektar is prepared with flowers and Ohia’ai, a fruit with apple and pear notes. Pick up a bottle of Pineapple Lime and pay homage to the ubiquitous fruit planted on each island, however the limes come from Tahitian trees grown in Hawaii. Try the Winter Sun which contains wildflower honey, starfruit and Hawaii’s version of passion fruit lilikoi or Ginger Spice, which is a complex blend of winter spices, raw ginger, starfruit and wildflower honey. The innovative Cacao Moon infuses organic cacao and vanilla alongside macadamia nut blossom honey while Deviant Beehavior is an excellent example of a Capsicumel, or a mead made with chili peppers. It uses Kauai wildflower honey and white pineapple as its sweet elements to perfectly balance out the spicy notes.

Kauai Cocktails

Behind the bar, visitors can order crafty mead-based cocktails such as the Kauai Mojito, the Thai Chili Margarita, the Hanalei Hurricane or the Winter Sun Sangria. The list of combinations is endless, it all depends on your imagination. Nani Moon Meadery is located at 4-939 Kuhio Highway in Kapa’a and the tasting room is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 12-5pm. Undoubtedly, Nani Moon Meadery is definitely one of the must-see tasting rooms while visiting the windward side of Kauai.

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