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Puu Poa Beach

Your stay in paradise would not be complete without spending at least a day or three on one of our fabulous beaches working on your tan, so when you go back to your Ohio home town, everyone will know what a fantastic vacation you had! With over 240 days of full sun and about 50 or more partly sunny days in Kauai, your Puu Poa Kauai beach days will be numerous. What better way is there to enjoy a sunny day than frolicking in ocean waters?

Puu Poa Princeville: Located Below the Hanalei Bay Resort

Sometimes the best rewards come from the greatest efforts, and nowhere is this truer than Puu Poa Beach. Traverse the extremely steep public staircase down to a long narrow strip of sandy beach. Truthfully, the trip down to Puu Poa Princeville isn’t all that bad; it’s going back up that may put a damper on your day of fun in the sun! But once you catch your first glimpse of the sandy beaches framing the turquoise waters of the ocean and the rocky cliffs covered with gorgeous trees swaying in the ocean breezes, chances are you won’t be thinking about that trip back up those stairs!

What to Do on Puu Poa Beach

Our favorite part of any vacation is knowing that there is nothing we ABSOLUTELY have to do, and that’s what a beach day at Puu Poa Kauai is like! Many of our guests enjoy snorkeling in the clear waters, seeking sea turtles or the colorful state fish of Hawaii, the humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa. The name is far bigger than the fish itself, and because pronunciation can be a little difficult, just let it be known that its English name is the reef triggerfish.

Others prefer to rent a SUP paddleboard and peacefully glide along the calm waters, seeking peace, tranquility, and strong core muscles; it’s not easy getting up on that board, and just as the effort of climbing up and down the public stairs is worth the reward, the 6-pack you earn from your SUP trips will be just as rewarding!

Still others (and just between us, these are our kind of people) prefer to do nothing more strenuous than lie on the beach, reading a good book, napping, and taking a dip every so often just to cool off! Remember, this is your vacation and you can spend it any way you like; there is no judgment here!

Paradise is Only a Few Keystrokes Away!

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