The island of Kauai and its northernmost community of Princeville may not seem like places where you will need to find refuge from the heat, and for the most part that is true, as the area enjoys moderate temperatures rarely surpassing the 80s throughout the year. But specifically in the summertime you can count on endless sunshine from which you may need a break from time to time. The following are the best Princeville activities to keep cool while still having an amazing time.

Get in the Water

This one is almost painfully obvious, but we must include for the sake of being thorough. You can always count on the beaches near Princeville as both a place to heat up and cool down. The water remains incredibly refreshing throughout the year, ranging from 70 degrees to 83 degrees Fahrenheit. A trip to Princeville is simply incomplete without taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity that this provides.


Kayaking may not seem like the best way to keep cool, but if you choose to take adventures along rivers throughout the interior of the island, you can benefit greatly from shady valleys and cool conditions thanks to endless vegetation and moisture. And you can always take breaks to take advantage of constant swimming opportunities. Kayak Kauai is a company that offers kayak rentals and guided tours perfect for the whole family!

Check Out a Museum

On the rare occasion that you need a break from the sun, there are many amazing museums throughout the islands that you can visit and have an amazing time. The Kauai Museum is one of the most renowned in the area, as it chronicles the entire history of the people of this island. Find it in the town of Lihue along Rice Street. Everyone is sure to enjoy this because it provides an awe-inspiring perspective of this place beyond the beautiful beaches and wilderness.

Chase Waterfalls

Spending some time around one of Kauai’s many waterfalls is the best way to stay cool because there is shade, a cool mist in the air, and the opportunity for a refreshing dip. There are many options, but one of the most magnificent is Wailua Falls. You can find it about three miles north of the town of Lihue just off of Highway 56. This is sure to be everyone’s favorite stop on the trip.

Horseback Riding

This is a great way to stay cool because it mitigates some of the intense effort of hiking while providing an even cooler way to explore the area. Specifically, horseback riding along the Hanalei River Valley through a company like Princeville Ranch is something you will never forget.

Relax After Princeville Activities in an Amazing Vacation Rental

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