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Hanalei Farmer’s Market

Hanalei Farmers Market, also known as Hale Halawai’s Farmer’s Market/Cultural Festival is sponsored by the community center. It opens on Saturdays from 9:30 am through 12pm. Head to Hanalei Town at least by 8am, if you want to beat the crowd and traffic.

To get to the farmer’s market, take HI-56 N to Malolo Rd in Hanalei. Just keep driving until you see the green grassy lawn on Malolo road with about 30-40 tents up. Park anywhere you can. You can’t miss it. Once you been to a farmer’s market, you been to them all.
Unlike the grocery stores, Hanalei Farmers Market is equipped with local organic produce. You can really tell the difference. If you compare an avocado from Hanalei Farmers Market to one at the grocery store, it’s much bigger, buttery and cheaper.

It is best to bring an empty eco-friendly bag, because for twenty dollars alone, you can get a bag full of veggies and fruits for the week. The vendors may supply free samples of fruit or their products they are selling, so you always know what you are getting.

From fresh coconut being cut open to organic juice being served, you won’t be thirsty. You will find yourself thinking about eating healthier. They say once you go to a farmer’s market you never want to go back to a grocery store.

There is much more to Hanalei Farmer’s Market than meets the eye. Farmers take pride in their crops and want to share it with you. You sometimes get more than what you paid for, simply because they appreciate you buying local.

Hanalei Farmers Market has something for everyone. You may find unique tropical homemade soap from Kopa Kauai. Enjoy looking at handcrafted earrings or fresh flowers for a love one while taking in Hanalei’s beautiful Mountain View. If you so happen to drive through Hanalei town, on a Saturday morning, stop by the market and cruise until something catches your soul.