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Kilauea Farmer’s Market

Kilauea Farmers Market, is located at the Kilauea Neighborhood Center, near the Kilauea Light house. If you have nothing to do on Thursdays, the farmers market in Kilauea starts at 4:30pm.

To get to Kilauea Farmers Market, Take HI-56 N to Kolo Rd in Kilauea until you reach the Kilauea Neighborhood center on Keneke street.
This farmers market is rather on the smaller scale hosting 15 tents unlike the Hanalei Market that host 30-50 tents of a variety of vendors. Bring a shopping bag of your choice and a list of what produce you want to get. For visitors, try the fresh mountain apples, or sweet papaya.

The locals or residents of Kauai like to come to Kilauea Farmers Market and pick up a bunch of ginger flowers for their love one’s graves. It is a local tradition to purchase Hawaiian flower arrangements than purchasing roses at the store. It is much more colorful and tropical than the flowers you get at a grocery store. You often see them in hotels, and may want to take back a plumeria plant to grow back home. Make sure you can take it on the airplane though; Hawaii has strict laws on Hawaii products leaving the state.

If you live or are staying near Kilauea, take your bike or rent a car for a spin. You might just want to stop by and grab a star fruit as a snack before going hiking around that area. When you buy local produce from any Kauai farmers market, you are ensuring the local farmers a stable living and giving a community a healthier option.