Poke, is Hawaii’s unique and favorite pupus (appetizers). If you go to a Luau, you might see that fresh chopped ahi (tuna) fish in a bowl served with seaweed, kukui nut, and Hawaiian sea salt and sesame oil. If you had sashimi before, this is just a hint different and a fusion of what Hawaii is about. Hawaii is a culture of mix cultures from all over Asia blended with native Hawaiians. As time passed, the local people got creative and added crabs, lobsters, etc. Poke has become so popular; you can find it at most Kaua’i restaurants and even Costco. But if you want to know where the locals go to get their favorite poke, keep reading.

kauai poke guide

  1. Fish Express, in Lihue across of Walmart, is the #1 Princeville restaurant to go in town for poke. They have many different types of poke to choose from and the price is reasonable. Here you can get ahi, crab, shrimp and many more different types of poke.
  2. Konohiki, in Hanamaulu across of 7-11 and is similar to Fish Express. But it has more of a gourmet feel in there. Their Habachi Sashimi and lobster poke is fresh and irresistible; you just can’t have one bite. They also have that famous ginger chicken and shrimp to go with your poke bowl. A poke bowl is their dessert sections display a hotel feel for sweetness and presentation. Try their sweet potatoes haupia (coconut) pie.
  3. Foodland, in Kapaa town is one of the more popular Kaua’i restaurants, because they add fresh avocados to their poke. And they have soybeans with chopped garlic that is recommended to pick up next, as it adds to the flavors.
  4. Times Supermarket , at Kukui Grove Center has many options to choose from. If you want a poke bowl (Ahi over rice) that you can add tobacco sauce too, try their Kukui Nut Poke. Something about the kukui nut changes the flavor of the original tuna poke.
  5. Ishihara Market, on the westside in the heart of Waimea town, has its top selling spicy ahi poke. This has a creamy texture and yet so spicy. Great over hot rice or just to snack on at a sporting event.  Try their tako (Octopus) poke with onions; it has a clean savory taste.


Now that you got your poke guide, grab some poke and hit the beach. Don’t forget to get some chopsticks, tobasco sauce for the spicy lovers, and your choice of beer. It really is a great way to enjoy the sunset and say a toast for a successful adventure day. A beach day without poke is a wasted one 🙂