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Princeville Rainfall Information

Aloha! If you are reading this you are either a little worried about coming to Kauai on vacation and getting rained on… Or are a numbers nerd and like to know about every little weather detail when you go on vacation. Either way… WELCOME!

As a long time resident of Kauai and in particular Princeville, I’ll say this. Don’t rely on the weather reports. Anywhere. No source so far has proven to be better than just looking outside. It’s a little island in the middle of the Ocean and there are tons of micro-climates all over. Most of the rain we get here in Princeville happens overnight but as you’ll see below, we do get wet here. A lot.

The numbers: Princeville gets about 78 inches of rain a year. It’s pretty even as to when it comes down too. People think it only rains in the winter but the fall is actually the wettest season on the North shore of Kauai.

Winter: 21.24 in
Spring: 18.31 in
Summer: 15.86 in
Fall: 22.35 in

So if you think you are going to come in the summer and be crafty and escape the rain, think again my friend. Mother nature is in charge here and she does strange things. For instance, last summer (2016) there seemed to be about twice as many rainy days as there was last winter! Here is one of my favorite maps to show where the most rainfall happens here on island.