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A trip to Hawaii comes with endless opportunity for fun and endless beautiful sights—more so than a trip anywhere else in the world. The community of Princeville in particular, located on the northern-most coast of Kauai, offers endless ways to spend a day as you only can in Hawaii. The following are some Princeville Kauai attractions that you are not going to want to miss!

Hanalei Bay

Exploring this area just a half-mile down Highway 56 from Princeville provides for some of the most beautiful sights for which the islands are famous. The marquee of them all can be taken in from the highway in the form of the rolling, emerald green valley that leads to the shores of this picturesque bay. If you venture down further, you can find amazing wilderness and the historic Hanalei Town. Visitors are often captivated by the Wailoi Mission House, built in 1837, and many other historic Princeville Kauai attractions. Explore the area through a scenic drive or hop down and enjoy a hike throughout the exquisite hills and shoreline of the area.

Queen’s Bath

Queen’s Bath is one of the best attractions in Kauai. The pool was formed by a sinkhole in igneous rock formations. Now it is a beautiful example of some uniquely Hawaiian phenomenon as it is a calm area for swimming right on the coastline. It is located just north of the meeting of the Kapiolani Loop and Punahele Road.

Princeville Vacation Rentals

Of course, the area is home to some of the most amazing natural beauty in the world, but you can also find many beautiful vacation rentals. There is no better place to find the right rental for you than by taking advantage of the services of Princeville Vacation Rentals. Much of what we provide is the best listings of condos in some of the best complexes in the area. You can find the perfect single bedroom slice of paradise for that romantic getaway, or go all the way up to large, 4-bedroom suite for multiple families. You can also find the opportunity to stay in multi-million-dollar homes on the shore.

In order to see amazing Princeville Kauai attractions, you simply need to walk outside. Incredible mountainsides bordering beautiful coastline will be among the most spectacular things you have ever seen. But there are also many unique places to visit that take a little more planning to get to. In any case, as long as you have a wonderful place to stay and plenty of time on your hands, your Princeville vacation is sure to be a special one!