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Regardless of when you have visited Kauai, odds are you found it to be a beautiful time of year on this famous Hawaiian island. This is because there is truly no bad time to visit. You will always find stunning beauty, a vibrant community, and water that is ready for some swimming. However, the holiday season is certainly one of the best times to visit the island. Here are a few reasons that you will love Kauai during the holidays. Thousands of people choose to spend their holidays in Kauai. Here’s why!

Not Your Typical Holiday Weather

If you are looking for a white Christmas, you will not begin your search on Kauai. This is because the winter weather here is unlike that which you will find anywhere else. Near Princeville, you can expect days in the low 80s and nights in mid 60s. Not exactly a frigid winter, but always an absolute pleasure to be in.

The Waves

This is not exactly holiday related, but it certainly is a significant factor in a trip to Hawaii. You can find good waves on Kauai throughout the year, but the winter—and December in particular—is when the best waves break on these shores. This makes the holiday season the very best time to visit for those who love surfing, boogie boarding, body boarding, and any other wave-related pursuit. Kauai’s North Shore can experience waves of 20 feet and higher. When these waves roll in, it is best to find a seat on the sand and watch the professional surfers tackle these monsters.

Your Favorite Holidays with a Kauai Twist

The Princeville area and Kauai in general accept thousands of visitors throughout the holiday season. Because of this, many holiday traditions have found their way onto the island. You can enjoy lit up celebrations of your favorite holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and more. You can expect to find many things that you would find around your home during the holidays, with the added excitement of professional hula dancers. A good luau is always in order in Princeville. A great way to find out about local events is by checking the events section of the local newspaper when you arrive. There are sure to be some amazing festivities going on throughout the island.

Spend Your Best Holidays in Kauai with Princeville Vacation Rentals

Thanks to the sunny days, relaxed atmosphere and finger-licking-good food, holidays in Kauai are unforgettable! Wherever you go on the island, you will find holiday festivities in some form or another. You may be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but you will not feel so far from home when you find your favorite holiday celebrations with a new twist. If you are looking to plan a holiday vacation, make it a Kauai vacation! Stay in one of our comfy and spacious vacation rental and enjoy the island to the maximum!