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Princeville is located on one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet. If you ask anyone, they will likely know that Kauai is probably one of the best places to vacation, given you are looking to relax. Princeville is one of the best kept secrets on the island, making it an amazing place to call home during your trip. Here are some interesting Kauai facts you probably didn’t know.

Kauai Has the Most Miles of Beach Per Mile of Coastline of Any Island

This illustrates the incredible amount of options that you have when you are trying to spend the day on the beach around Princeville. It does not, however, illustrate how breathtakingly beautiful these beaches actually are. You probably have the image in your head of wide, white, sandy beaches against clear blue waters. Experiencing this for yourself will give a whole new meaning to the term “beach vacation.”

The Hawaiian Islands are the Most Secluded in the World

This means that there are no other islands in the world farther away from a major continent. Princeville is thousands of miles out in the Pacific Ocean, and it will feel that way while you are there. There is just an amazing level of peace and quiet that comes with a vacation to this place, making it perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Kauai Has the Most Hiking Out of Any of the Other Islands

If you love hiking, then Princeville is the place for your next vacation. If you do not love hiking, that will soon change with a trip here. You can find countless hikes, whether you are looking for a casual stroll along one of the many beautiful beaches or a more challenging trek up the mountains, where you will find a view unlike any other.

Only 10 Percent of the Island is Accessible by Road

This may sound like a bad thing, but it is in fact a wonderful thing. It means that so much of the island remains in its beautiful, natural state. Large developments are few and far between, making this an absolute haven for those that love nature. Hiking is a great way to see the island’s beauty, but taking a helicopter tour may be the most unique experience you ever have.

Over 70 Movies Have Been Shot on Kauai

This is fun because you will recognize many of the iconic Kauai features if you enjoy a good movie. There are also many fun features that have been left behind from the movie sets. One great example of this are the many ziplines that are now accessible to the public. Zipping through the amazing beauty here is one of the best ways to experience the island.

Now That You’re up to Speed with These Fun Kauai Facts…

Start planning your vacation! Staying in Princeville puts all of the fun and beauty that Kauai has to offer right at your fingertips. Regardless of how you choose to spend a day in the area, you will find a relaxing experience full of fun and beauty when you stay in one of our beautiful vacation rentals.