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Named after Prince Albert Edward Kauileaouli, Princeville is located on the wetter side of Kaua‘i, giving the area that rainforest look that is always breathtaking to see. If you’re planning on spending at least 48 hours of your stay here, we can promise they will all seem like paradise! What was once a genteel sugar plantation is now an exciting and vibrant community offering more than what you would expect from an island. Here’s some Princeville adventures to enjoy during your stay in our island paradise!

Day One Princeville Adventures

Chances are you may be too excited to eat on your first day in Princeville, but we hope that you will at least try a sweet treat from the Village Snack Shop & Bakery; it will help keep your energy levels high for the adventures you will experience! Starting out with a visit to the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge, where the best viewpoints are located along the Kuhio Highway, this blissful retreat is a safe place for all the wildlife that make their home here on the island. From there, you can head to Hanalei Bay for more breathtaking views and an afternoon of frolicking on the beach. Kayak Hanalei rents beach equipment, or, if you’re feeling daring, why not schedule a kayaking tour for the afternoon and experience Hawaii the way people have for thousands of years? All that paddling will help you generate quite an appetite, so dinner and drinks at Happy Talk Lounge Restaurant and Bar is the perfect way to finish up day one of your Princeville adventures.

What Does Day Two Have in Store for You?

Each day is better than the last in Princeville, and your second day will be all the proof you need! After starting out your morning with coffee and a crepe from 5-5190 Kuhio Highway in Hanalei, the day will stretch out before you filled with endless possibilities! Your final day will be all about the beach. From Hideaways Beach, to the historic Hanalei Pier, to Lumaha’i Beach, we will be exploring, swimming, and possibly just sitting and watching the waves crash against the shore. There are no rules on how best to spend your beach day, except one: You are ordered to have fun!

Dinner at Home?

Our Princeville Vacation Rentals homes are designed to give the feel of family, and sometimes you may just want to stay in and relax with your family—we don’t blame you at all! Grill leftover fish or order some pizza for takeout and let your last evening be the best one of all. Reserve your stay today!

As 4th of July approaches, it is time to celebrate the amazing freedoms we have in this country. We do this by getting together with friends and family, enjoying great food, and of course, taking in some awesome fireworks. Any 4th of July on Kauai celebration without a culminating fireworks show leaves a bit left to be desired, but you can be sure this will not be the case when you are vacationing in the Princeville area on the island of Kauai. There are endless celebrations throughout this time that feature amazing fireworks shows over the Pacific Ocean. Here are a few of the best fireworks displays and parties happening around Princeville this year.

Kauai Hospice Concert in the Sky

From 3 pm to 10 pm on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018, visitors can enjoy Kauai’s biggest and most fun celebration and fireworks display. The festivities begin with great food, games for the kids, and amazing live music performances. After having a blast throughout the day, you can hunker down and enjoy an amazing fireworks display that happens all around you. It is in the town of Lihue at the Vidinha Memorial Stadium on the east side of the island, so it requires a bit of a drive from Princeville, but it is always worth it!

Freedom Fest

At the Pacific Missile Range in western Kauai, there will be a free event celebrating 4th of July on Kauai the likes of which you will find nowhere else. They pull out all the stops for this celebration with live music, food, craft vendors, games, and even carnival rides. But the party really gets going with an amazing fireworks show over the Pacific Ocean. Get there through the south entrance just off of Kaumuali’i Highway, mile marker 29.

Find the Perfect Place to Stay During 4th of July on Kauai

Of course, a trip to Hawaii always calls for some celebrations of your own, and you can find the perfect place to relax, socialize, and party it up at one of the amazing vacation rentals in the Princeville area. There are many options, but only one when it comes to the best way to find the right one for you: the premiere vacation rental firm in the area, Princeville Vacation Rentals. We provide the greatest selection of homes throughout Princeville. Many of these homes are characterized by spacious floor plans, luxurious amenities, and of course, great views of the beauty that surrounds. Book with us today and find the perfect vacation rental for you and your group!

Princeville is the northernmost community on the northernmost Hawaiian Island, Kauai. It sits on some of the most fertile land in the world that results in some of the most incredible beauty in the world, but also in some of the most sustainable farming anywhere. As these islands are so remote, the residents pride themselves on producing local products that allow the community to survive and thrive. This spirit is on full display throughout the week when different farmers’ markets speckle the Princeville area. These Princeville farmers’ markets are sure to be some of the most unique you have ever experienced.

Hanalei Farmers’ Market

This amazing farmers’ market takes place every Saturday from 9:30 am to noon on the beautiful grounds of Hanalei’s Community Center. As you would expect from Hawaii, this farmers’ market provides an incredible array of the freshest and most flavorful fruits you have ever tried from the mangos to the papaya. There are specialty baked goods, cheeses, natural supplements, and so much more. And of course, it would not be a Hawaiian farmers’ market without an assortment of chocolate covered goodies. This market in particular is renowned for its chocolate covered bananas. This is provided by 23 farm vendors, but there are also many amazing works of art provided by 25 local artisans.

Princeville Farmers’ Markets: Waipa Farmers’ Market

The town of Waipa is just a few miles down the road from Princeville and it is where you will find the freshest local goods in Kauai on Tuesdays starting at 2 pm. Among the farm fresh vegetables, you will also find flowers, art, and prepared foods. Everything is sourced locally of course, so you can really come to experience the classic flavors of the island here. Beyond amazing food and art, this farmers’ market provides incredible insight into the locals of the island, which is one of the best ways to spend time on vacation in a place as unique as Princeville.

Wonderful Accommodations in Princeville

When you have narrowed down a few great activities to take advantage of while in Princeville, it is time to turn your attention towards finding the perfect place to stay. Lucky for you, Princeville Vacation Rentals is a company that is taking all the leg work and uncertainty out of this task. We do this by providing the highest quality and most diverse listings in the community. Finding the perfect place to call home is as simple as giving us a call today!

A trip to Hawaii comes with endless opportunity for fun and endless beautiful sights—more so than a trip anywhere else in the world. The community of Princeville in particular, located on the northern-most coast of Kauai, offers endless ways to spend a day as you only can in Hawaii. The following are some Princeville Kauai attractions that you are not going to want to miss!

Hanalei Bay

Exploring this area just a half-mile down Highway 56 from Princeville provides for some of the most beautiful sights for which the islands are famous. The marquee of them all can be taken in from the highway in the form of the rolling, emerald green valley that leads to the shores of this picturesque bay. If you venture down further, you can find amazing wilderness and the historic Hanalei Town. Visitors are often captivated by the Wailoi Mission House, built in 1837, and many other historic Princeville Kauai attractions. Explore the area through a scenic drive or hop down and enjoy a hike throughout the exquisite hills and shoreline of the area.

Queen’s Bath

Queen’s Bath is one of the best attractions in Kauai. The pool was formed by a sinkhole in igneous rock formations. Now it is a beautiful example of some uniquely Hawaiian phenomenon as it is a calm area for swimming right on the coastline. It is located just north of the meeting of the Kapiolani Loop and Punahele Road.

Princeville Vacation Rentals

Of course, the area is home to some of the most amazing natural beauty in the world, but you can also find many beautiful vacation rentals. There is no better place to find the right rental for you than by taking advantage of the services of Princeville Vacation Rentals. Much of what we provide is the best listings of condos in some of the best complexes in the area. You can find the perfect single bedroom slice of paradise for that romantic getaway, or go all the way up to large, 4-bedroom suite for multiple families. You can also find the opportunity to stay in multi-million-dollar homes on the shore.

In order to see amazing Princeville Kauai attractions, you simply need to walk outside. Incredible mountainsides bordering beautiful coastline will be among the most spectacular things you have ever seen. But there are also many unique places to visit that take a little more planning to get to. In any case, as long as you have a wonderful place to stay and plenty of time on your hands, your Princeville vacation is sure to be a special one!

While there are many hidden treasures on the islands of Hawaii, the town of Princeville, located on the island of Kauai, is one of the best kept secrets. Located on the northernmost point of the island, Princeville is a wonderfully secluded development that has become the favorite vacation destination for more and more people every year. While it is not difficult to find all the excitement that you can handle, it is predominantly a place of unparalleled relaxation. Here are some of the most relaxing Princeville activities you must try!

Horseback Riding

One of the most popular ways to spend a relaxing day in Princeville is by taking a leisurely horseback ride along the beach. Wonderful temperatures, cool breezes, and astounding views are made all the better by the gentle push forward of the horse.

Relax on the Beach

Of course, it goes without saying spending a day on the beach is one of the most relaxing things you can do. This is especially true for the long stretches of white sandy beaches in Princeville. Whether you find relaxation in sinking your toes in the sand, going for a nice surf, or frolicking through the clear waters, the beaches in Princeville will be the perfect place for it.


Princeville is home to that iconic Hawaiian terrain that you have seen showcased in countless films. Large mountains covered in endless vegetation slope right down to the blue waters of the Pacific. Taking advantage of this amazing spot on the earth is as easy as taking a casual hike throughout the vast network of trails here.


While golf might not be the most relaxing sport when you are having difficulty hitting the ball as you want it, there is nothing that can ruin a day on one of Princeville breathtaking courses. It is in a place like this when a day spent golfing offers so much more that the events of the game. Temperatures are perfect year-round, and the beauty that flows in and outside of the course is something that makes for a relaxing day.

Shopping and Dining

There is nothing that breaks a day up quite like relaxing for a delicious bite to eat and wondering through some unique shops. Here, you will find unique little shops as well as national chains, and the dining experiences are certainly something that you have never experienced before.

For Even More Princeville Activities Suggestions…

Reach out to our team! We will recommend the best Princeville activities for you and your family and also help you book your stay in one of our beautiful vacation rentals. Princeville offers everything you could ever want in a Hawaiian vacation. But it also offers something unique and intangible that visitors cannot quite put their finger on. While it is difficult to explain much of what is special about this place, it is not difficult to find intense relaxation.

Take a break from the heat and the sun at any of these wonderful Kauai locations!

Mountain Tubing

Natural swimming holes, tubing, zip lining, higher elevation and cooler temperatures make mountain tubing a destination for visitors looking to beat the heat while still enjoying adventure. Not only that but you’ll see awe-inspiring sites that make Kauai the paradise that it is.

Anini Beach

When the sky appears to be cloudless on the Island of Kauai have no fear. Anini Beach is one of the best attractions in Kaua’i, Hawai’i and is known for its shady trees and spots. You’ll have no problem cooling off on this incredible beach. Take a dip, and then take a break under one of Anini’s shady trees.

Keahua Aboretum

Consider Keahua Aboretum the country side of Kauai! Located inland and closer to the mountains, this wonderful tree garden offers a lush landscape and much cooler temperatures. One of the arboretum’s gems is its Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. The unique and colorful tree is a one of kind! It’ll be a wonder to your eye. In addition to the beautiful sites, the arboretum has a park area and picnic tables for visitors who need a moment to rest and refresh themselves. One of the best attractions in Kaua’i, Hawai’i, this spot will definitely provide you the heat respite you need!

Kauai Museums

Take a Kaua’i day tour learn the history and cultural wonders of Kauai while escaping the heat! Check out the Kauai Museum, the Grove Farm Sugar Plantation Museum or the Kokee Natural History Museum. Each of these are well worth the stop as they offer a unique insight into what makes Kauai what is today! So plan a day, pack your lunch and cool off in these historic exhibitions.

Wailua Shave Ice

This local and tourist favorite food truck has all natural and flavorful shaved ice that even accommodates vegetarians. Wailua’s refreshing treats use natural juices to create its flavors instead of sugary syrups. Choose from an assortment of flavors. Try favorites like the Lava Ice and Orange Dream. The heat will roll right off you after you try this favorite!

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