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When Is The Best Time to Visit Princeville Kauai

Living in beautiful Princeville year-round, we can tell you there is no BAD time to visit. Perched on the edge of the tropics and nestled on Kaua`i’s beautiful north shore, we enjoy the natural ebb and flow of the seasons—and life—here in paradise; every day is unique. You’ll have to visit us multiple times to determine your favorite time of year! Learn about the best reasons to visit Kauai below:

The Best Times to Visit

Kaua`i’s dry season runs from April to October (don’t worry, it still rains so there is no shortage of rainbows), and the wet season from November to March. The most crowded months—and the highest airfares—are during the wet season, as many visitors seek to escape winter weather back home. So, to us, the best months to visit are April through June and September through early November, with a combination of the best overall weather and lowest airfare prices. Early spring in Kaua`i is truly stunning and is our favorite time of year. Our guests enjoy the serenity of the season before the summer rush.

NOTE: The last week of April is a very popular travel time for Japanese visitors to Kaua`i due to “The Golden Week” of three national holidays; as a result, activities and restaurants here can be much more crowded than normal. Below are reasons to visit Kauai: 

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Kaua`i is an island of two seasons and two sides. No matter when you visit us at Princeville Vacation Rentals, count on at least some rain. Kaua`i gets 78 inches of rainfall every year, and Mt. Wai`ale`ale (“rippling water”) in the center of the island is one of the wettest places on earth (it averages 452 inches of rain per year, with a record 683 inches in 1982). We think Kaua`i—the Garden Isle—is beautiful BECAUSE of the rain, not in spite of it. It fuels our endless supply of rainbows and waterfalls.

If the rain does find you, escape is easy. Usually it is only a short shower or overnight drizzle, but if the day seems lost, simply hop in the car and enjoy the winding highway and vivid scenery on a 90-minute drive to the leeward side (the dryer side of the island, to the southwest) and the beautiful beaches of Poipu.

Other Seasonal Perks

There are other ways to tell the seasons on Kaua`i. Summer is lychee and mango season, and these delicious fruits are not to be missed at the colorful roadside fruit stands. Stock up and savor their tropical flavor, sure to wash away the taste of any lingering rain showers. Winter brings massive waves from the North Pacific, great for sightseers and professional surfers alike. Other large visitors—migrating Humpback whales—make an appearance as well. And if it is nature you crave, when it drops into the low 70’s you just might spot local residents wearing—gasp!—socks with their slippahs (sandals or flip flops to you visitors)! Sometimes fashion takes a backseat to practicality. It is always the best time to visit Kauai.

Best Time To Visit Kauai

You can never go wrong with a trip to beautiful Princeville. If you can plan for it, avoid the biggest crowds, heaviest rains, and highest prices and come in the spring (April to June) or early fall (September to November). But if you are in need of a winter escape, we welcome you anytime with open arms. And maybe an umbrella. You will be glad you came!