Trendsetters always seem to know not just what’s hot now, but what’s going to be fashionable in the foreseeable future, and while you may not have that innate knowledge yourself, you DO have an edge when it comes to what is hot in Kapa‘a. You have Princeville Vacation Rentals on your side, whispering in your ear about where to shop, where to eat, and how jealous those back home are going to be when they find out you’ve done your shopping and dining in these trendy Kapa‘a shops and restaurants!

Hula Girl Vintage Collection, 4-1340 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaʻa

Everything old is new again, and the popularity of Hawaiian shirts and hula girls is ALWAYS going to be high on the hot lists. The smart staff at Hula Girl Vintage Collection know what shoppers want! Also offering its Hawaiian Dude Shirts for online shopping, you can prepare in advance for your island adventure, or do a little browsing once you get to Kapaʻa.

JO2 Restaurant, 4-971 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaʻa

Offering an innovative twist to the traditional Hawaiian dishes, this chef driven spot is a local secret that we are trying to keep under wraps, so let’s keep this future hot spot just between us, ok? Casual and laidback, the menu changes daily, but don’t worry; if you fall in love with the lobster tail ramen today, chances are the Seared Hawaiian Hapu served on Tuesday will be just as wonderful!

KIKO, 4-1316 HI-56, Kapaʻa

Handcrafted is the word for the day in KIKO, a local boutique that celebrates the beauty of simplicity. Here is where you will find all the trinkets and clothing you never knew you needed! From soft cashmere to sweet smelling candles to sea glass and sparkly jewelry, nearly everything offered here is made by local artists using local materials. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else on the island!

Sam’s Ocean View, 4-1546 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaʻa

We can’t say that the nicely tanned and trendily tousled gentleman sitting at the table by the window is anyone you may know from television, but we also can’t say it isn’t! Sam’s Ocean View is one of the most popular restaurants in Kapaʻa, and all you need to do is walk in to see why! Offering ringside seats to the sunset over the ocean and a menu that never fails to please, your Hawaiian getaway will meet maximum trend potential with just one meal from here.

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