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Hanalei Bay

Aloha Princeville Vacation Rental Ohana!

You are going to be so glad you read this page because if you ask us, Hanalei Bay is the absolute best gem on the North Shore of the garden island and frankly is the coolest spot on Kauai. We are so stoked that it’s just ten minutes away from just about any of our Princeville Vacation Homes.

You can surf, walk, jog, canoe, kayak, SUP, swim and boogie here at the bay. There are also beach fitness classes offered if you are into something with a bit more a guided approach. If you are a lover of anything sand or water related, this is the place for you to spend some time.

When you hear people talk about Hanalei Bay you’ll hear many many “spots” or names of sections of the bay. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the areas starting on the West end, running East.

On the very West end of the bay is Makahoa Point. It’s the bookend of the West side. Heading East you’ll find Waikoko reef or more commonly known as Waikoko’s. You’ll see a select few people surfing this tricky spot but it’s advised not to try your luck.

Just west of Waikoko’s is a spot you’ll hear called “broken bridge”, it’s a spot where there’s an old bridge crossing that fell down into the ocean and it’s ruins are still there. If you are paddling an OC1 canoe or a 6 man with one of the local outrigger canoe clubs you’ll hear the steersman say to meet at broken bridge. This usually means heading around the middle of the bay and surfing in on the edge f the Waikoko’s waves.

Below broken bridge is Waipa Farm. Here there’s a well known farm with a great farmers market you can check out. This is also the are where there are the first of the Hanalei beach homes that line the bay from here all the way to Blackpot Beach (near the pier).


Just East of Waipa is Grandpa’s beach, Pine Trees and the area known as “Bathrooms”. It’s where the famous Andy Irons has his mural and used to tear up the waves. This area is where you’ll see people of all ages surfing the famous breaks honing their surfing craft. It’s also a very popular spot for local surf competitions. We suggest this or Pavillions as a place to hang out if you are spending the day at the beach. Blackpot is also an awesome place but it’s usually very crowded.

As you follow the beach past Pine Trees you’ll come to a section called the cape where you’ll find lots of Hobie’s and other fun boats to race around the north shore in the summer, then past the cape you’ll see another lifeguarded beach we call Pavilions. This video is taken near Pine Trees and the cape.

Lastly is the famous Hanalei River, the Pier and the section called Black Pot Beach. This is where the famous Hanalei Canoe Club and Namolokama Canoe club are located. These two clubs are the staples of North shore Outrigger Canoeing. If you haven’t had the chance to spend some time in an outrigger, it’s something that just might change your life! Paddling the outrigger is the state sport of Hawaii and it’s races are some of the most participated in and talked about events in the state.

If you are still searching for accomidations, there aren’t any condos on the bay for rent, but there are lots of Princeville Condos just up the hill. If you stay at the St.Regis Hotel in Princeville you’ll have access to the Blackpot area via foot if you walk down the beach. But if you are interested in Golf and the condo life, make sure to check out Princeville proper. If you are looking for a more Hanalei Bay Beach House Rental, Hanalei Bay is the place to be!

Give us a call today to learn more about local attractions and our lovely beachfront Kauai rentals!

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