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Ke e Beach

Ke’e Beach is like the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Literally, it’s the last stop at the end of the North Shore road. Drive faithfully down HI-560 West, until you reach Haena Park, then keep going all the way until the road dead-ends… This beach has a presence to it, and will lure your adventurous soul to check it out. Walk on the sand back toward Hanalei for pristine white sand beaches or take to the famous Kalalau Trail for the whole 12 miles into the valley! Here’s a map!

The parking is limited due to other beach explorers or hikers who are starting their hike earlier in the day to tackle the manageable and most popular day hike on the island. 8 mile Hanakapi’ai Trail. The competition for parking is fierce, so find a spot early! If you do decide to hike the Hanakapi’ai Trail, you will be enchanted by the bamboo, the cold Running River and beautiful waterfall. The best time to visit Ke’e Beach or hike on Hanakapi’ai Trail is during the summer, when the waters are calm.

During the winter, it is encouraged to go when the river is at low tide, or you might get swept into the sea. Always go with an experienced hiker or guide. Regardless, follow the signs that are visible from the trail. Do not go off the trail.  It has been reported many times, where some hikers had to be rescued or could not be saved due to the strong river current. You will have to cross the river more than one occasion, so check the weather report before heading out there.

When you are done with your long 8 mile yet beautiful hike, you may want to take a swim into the Ke’e Bay. During the summer, you can have a nice picnic, jam on a ukulele and jump into the cool and calm waters. Many come to Ke’e to snorkel or just walk the beach with their love ones. A shower and restroom is available, so stay as long as you want.

No matter what you decide to do; Ke’e Beach will have you wanting to stay until the sun sets. It captures your heart and leaves a long lasting impression of your stay here on Kauai. Ke’e Beach, is a nice way to end your trip or weekend getaway.

If you decide to take the trail all the way out to Kalalau, go past and you’ll find Honopu Arch.